Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Over-Achiever

Have you noticed that young people or students nowadays have a long list of extra-curricular activities? I know that the more extra-curricular activities you have, the higher the chance you’ll get a much-coveted scholarship, right?

I was at a students’ forum the other day and one girl introduced herself in the Introduction section. She also mentioned that she’s something like an extra-curricular addict and listed out all her achievements. They were assistant head prefect, sports house captain, president of some club, secretary of another club, and a list of other posts she managed to snap up during school.

Compared to hers, my list of extra-curricular looks darn pathetic. Even if I had combined 5 years’ worth of activities, they still wouldn’t match up with hers! Haha! That was a mere exaggeration. But I did participate in a few activities though I got bored of them later on partly because very few of friends were interested as well.

Anyway, that girl’s schedule must be pretty tight. Does she have time to study or do anything for herself? Yeah, I know that youngsters nowadays have tons of energy to do lots of things but I find it really hard to believe.

Well, it can make people envy you if you’ve been extremely active during school. But then, I doubt if they had set apart some free time for themselves. Do correct me if I’m wrong, though!

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