Monday, June 4, 2007

Which Camera Should I Go For?

Oh yeah, I'm still in the midst of finding the perfect digital camera for moi. I'm kind of torn between the Canon A460 and the Kodak C653. However, there are many good reviews for the Canon camera. Affordable and totally worth it.

When I was at Queensbay Mall, there was the Canon booth promoting its cameras. The sales guy even took a photo of me and my cousin to test the camera. Well, the picture was okay but I was still quite broke then and couldn't afford to purchase the camera on the spot. And I'm making sure that I'll finally own a camera in the near future! I'm so sick of being camera-less when I go out. Haha!

By the way, I did a search for the aforementioned cameras and landed on this useful site. Its catchy title would certainly entice you nevertheless. Digital Cameras: The Top 10 Things You Need to Know.

Canon should be a good brand, right? Well, I can't say anything YET.

I'll just continue my research. =)


Digisniper said...

Don't buy Kodak! Worst digital cameras...closely followed by Olympus.

Stick to Canon, if you have the budget get the Canon Powershot A710IS or the S5 IS or the G7.

The A640 is great though if your budget is a bit lower.

Any of the A series are great.

satkuru said...

i am also in the midst in finding a camera. queensbay has a canon roadshow going on? i shall go check it out in this few days :P

daryl yeak said...

I'm a Canon fan too... have been using the A620 for a while now.. i'm also looking for a new camera, preferably canon cuz i'm very used to the functions and all..not looking for a dslr yet cuz i dun wanna lug those huge equipment n stuff into parties or while travelling.. probably getting the powershot G7.. A640 and A710 IS are all good mid range cams.. have fun researching!!

Miss Positive said...

digisniper: Okay, thanks for the warning. And I always thought that Olympus was one of the good brands! Thanks for your advice.

satkuru: I'm sorry that I forgot to mention that the roadshow was held in early May! But, good luck in finding the perfect camera.

daryl: I've held the A460 in my hands and liked it. It's small and compact and I think that'd be the camera that I'm going for. =D

satkuru said...

yeah that's what i have been told. coincidently, that weekend Lam Loong had some promotion going on in Queensbay too. Got myself a Lumix :)

Have fun with your camera ;)

Miss Positive said...

Lam Loong? No, I haven't heard of it before! They sell electronics stuff, I'm guessing? I hope you are happy with your Lumix!