Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sick of Staying Home

It's an emergency! It's a crisis!

I need to go out!

I've been staying home for too long or rather indoors for far too long a time and I'll definitely go mad if I don't get out. Well, it's already a crime in my parents' eyes if I go out every week. It sucks that I have to get my parents' approval each time I want to go out. I know that they want me to be safe and not mixing with the wrong kind of people but hey, I don't take drugs and I am not promiscuous. I'm just bored of staying at home.

Anyway, I might go over to Penang and walk the floors of Queensbay Mall. Yeah, it's the best nearest mall to me now and I'll do anything to get there. My legs need some exercise. I had some exercise yesterday, cycled two rounds around the field in the drizzle.

Hmm, that's another good excuse for going out. Exercise. I really need to get those muscles working. And walking around the mall is one great way to exercise. Cheap, too, unless I buy something expensive. Like a camera, for instance.

Haha! Yeah, yeah, I'm still on the hunt for a good camera. Actually, I'm waiting for my money to be cashed into my account so I can withdraw it and go buy the stupid camera for once and for all! I'm always wishing and wanting this and that but I never get to have what I want. My family usually doesn't approve of my decisions. That is my decisions to purchase anything expensive.

Last time, when I wanted to buy a mobile phone, as usual they protested against the idea. But, it's my own money. I earned it the honest way! As a cashier. =)

Huh! I didn't take notice of what they said and just went out and bought myself a phone. I'm sick of having 'No' for answers. Can I buy a phone? No. Can I buy a camera? No. Can I work? No.

I'm going ballistic here. I love my family but they should stop being so protective of me. I can't wait for the university results to come out!

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