Monday, June 4, 2007

I Was Away and Now I'm Back!

Oh my! I did not realize that I haven't blogged here for almost a month! Yes, I was busy. In fact, I was away visiting my grandma whom I haven't seen for years and she's unfortunately not quite well now. But, no worries as she's better and resting at home. I just hope that the maid takes good care of her and not spend too much time watching TV! That's what she did almost every night when I was there.

And I'm glad that the Internet connection got better. I haven't touched my computer for almost 16 or 17 days! When I turned it on, there was some weird motor sound coming from the CPU. Oh, I hope it's nothing serious! Haha! I'm so glad to be back. I miss my blogs!

I even bought my favourite Dunkin Donuts. I thought there wasn't a Dunkin Donuts shop in Penang but my uncle said that there was one at Gama??? Really? I'd better check it out one day.

Guess what? There was a freaking worm in my room when I was sweeping the floor. A worm! In my room of all places! Can't it go somewhere else??? disgusting. I hate worms and anything slimy. =/

All right. Just thought I'd drop by and write a post. It's like half past twelve now and I'm starting to feel sleepy. Good night!


-Princess Shin- said...

Oooh.. Welcome back! I was wondering where you went! =)

What worm is that?

Miss Positive said...

Hi, thanks, haha!

Some kind of earthworm, not sure where it came from but I know it just wanted to come in my room and wreck my day!