Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another Canon A460 Has Found An Owner!

Tiring, tiring, tiring but absolutely worth it! I bought this little baby yesterday. The Canon A460. =D

It cost RM499. Quite an okay price. I was torn between this Canon A460 and the Sony DSC-S650 but after asking a lot and looking around, I decided to settle for the Canon one. So far, I’m happy with it and I’m still figuring out its one hundred and one features. Yeah, I’ve to tackle the manual, too.

Well, I asked my friend where she usually buys her cameras and she said that recently she bought hers at Queensbay Mall, either on Ground or 1st floor, she couldn’t remember. What the heck, I walked all the floors searching for good camera shops! Haha! That’s why it was a good workout for me yesterday.

Altogether I went to 4 shops that sold the Canon A460. Here they are:

· The first shop I went to was a Kodak one, which is opposite Popular. The guy was good as he explained and demonstrated the camera’s functions. He will sell the camera for RM499 and the free gifts included were 2 batteries, memory card, and camera case, if I remember correctly.

· The second was a Canon shop at Digital Bay. It was quite quiet around there as there weren’t many customers. Good. More peace and quiet to think and to talk. Anyway, the female sales assistant said the camera cost RM499, too and the free gifts are a mini tripod, a 1GB memory card, and a camera case.

· I still wasn’t satisfied so I searched for the Harvey Norman store. Here, the guy offered the camera at RM499 and the only free gift was a camera case! I crossed Harvey Norman off my list right away. But, the guy was friendly and answered my questions.

· Yesterday I saw an advertisement in the newspaper that SEC (Star Electronic) will have a sale from today until Sunday. Four days only. And they’re offering the camera for RM469 plus free memory card and mini tripod. They also mentioned ‘While stocks last’! And I only found out that the promotion only went on at 4 participating stores. So, the SEC shop near Queensbay Mall that I went to could only offer to sell the camera at RM469 without any free stuff.

The sales guy was good because he said he’ll make some phone calls to ask for more information. Then, he came back to explain it all to me. I was already in a muddle then so I said thanks very much and went back to Queensbay and analyzed all the information I gathered in my mind. Haha! I asked my friends for advice, too.

Finally, I decided to buy from Digital Bay since the girl said I’d get a tripod. A tripod could come in useful some time. Plus, there were 3 colours available and I could choose my silver one. I only realized this morning that the camera case had a very strong smell but it should go off, hopefully. And I realized that there is a small scratch on the display screen! But, never mind. It’s not that noticeable.

I’ve got a lot to learn about my new camera. With any luck, I’ll also learn to use it well.


multidimid said...

It is a bargain RM499 for this Model(5.3 Megapixel) 3 years ago it was selling around RM1200. Take some pictures at medium resolution, resize (to 400 x 300 pixels), improve the exposure or color using ACDsee program and load them for everyone to see.

I presume it can take video then take a minute or two and you can load them up for everyone to see in Youtube

Miss Positive said...

Yeah, it is one of the cheapest digicams around. Actually, I think it is the cheapest! But really worth it so far. And it's 5.0 megapixels, not bad.

Yes, it can take videos too. Uploading them to YouTube? Haha! One day.