Thursday, March 15, 2007

What if you and your loved one were separated?

Now that the STPM results are out, I have to think what course I want to study and which university to go to. Well, my dad has made his decision for me. I have to go to USM. It's fine with me anyway.

I know something is going to happen after my results. I know something will happen and it will make me hopelessly sad!

My guy and I might be studying at different places.

Yeah, it's horribly bad news to me. Just now, he told me he might be going to Johor or even Perlis! What places are those??? So damn far away from Penang. But, he has no choice I guess. He said he'll try to find the course he wants in Penang.

I don't know what to do. I don't know what to think. I know I can cry and that's it.

I am not in the mood now.

Life sucks.


Vantuz said...

relax girl. your life is not that sucky yet. at least you and your guy will still be in the same country.

my boyfriend is in UK and me here. still we are doing fine.

so, just take this as a way to test your relationship. true love lasts.

pinksterz said...

hey chill. distance won't affect your relationship with him.

and he will try to find a place in penang right? so there is still chance :)

anyway, what did you get?

Miss Positive said...

vantuz: Thanks for your words of comfort. I know that true love lasts but how to do it I'm not sure. Wow, so you're maintaining a long distance relationship? Not bad. All the best!

pinksterz: Yeah, he said he'll try to find. In fact, he promised me he won't leave me! We'll see.

My results were okay. I only scored an A. For PA. =)