Monday, March 19, 2007

Movie Review: The Devil Wears Prada

I could not believe my eyes when I spotted a Video CD of The Devil Wears Prada in Borders Bookstore. I’ve been eager to catch this movie when it was being shown in the cinemas but couldn’t because I was busy preparing for my STPM last year.

Why did I buy a Video CD, did you ask? Well, I do have a DVD player and it is so high class that it can only play original DVDs. So, the pirated DVDs can never find a home next to my DVD player, most unfortunately. However, it accepts pirated VCDs though and of course, original VCDs, too. It’s weird.

The movie was clear all the way and that’s the most important thing to consider if you really want to enjoy a movie.

Anyway, it’s about Andrea (Andy) Sachs who wants to get a job as the assistant of Runway magazine’s editor, Miranda Priestly. She was lacking in the fashion department and the people working for Miranda thought she wouldn’t get the much sought-after job.

But, Andy got it! Everyone was quite surprised, naturally and they did not make things comfortable for her, obviously. However, Andy was hardworking, a quick learner, and turned to Nigel’s help to improve her fashion. Nigel is the magazine's art director. Soon after that, Andy started coming to work wearing chic, fashionable clothes and looked totally glamorous in them. Even Miranda, the awfully hard to please editor, approved of her change in clothes.

All the same, Andy got more and more involved with her work and being Miranda’s personal slave, her relationship with her own boyfriend started to deteriorate. They spent less time together and things just began falling apart. Andy really made her job her priority and just let things be. Because she’s so efficient and reliable, Miranda picked her and not her Number 1 assistant, Emily, to follow her to Paris for a fashion show, which Emily was absolutely dying to go to.

It is a really nice movie and the clothes in it are simply fabulous. Wish I can wear them everyday to work or anywhere I want and look purely stylish. Meryl Streep was brilliant as the demanding Miranda Priestly and Anne Hathaway was just like in Princess Diaries. All in all, everyone’s performance in this movie was first class!

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