Monday, March 26, 2007

Movie Review: Mr. Bean's Holiday

Mr. Bean, Mr. Bean. Ah, Mr. Bean is back once again with all his clumsiness and selfishness!

I’ve been a fan of Mr. Bean ever since….. I can’t really remember. But, I know that I’ve always enjoyed all his shows and movie. He never fails to make me laugh with his silly antics and also that weird way of walking and running. My little niece is also a big fan of Mr. Bean!

So, what’s he up to this time? Anyway, Mr. Bean’s Holiday will be Rowan Atkinson’s final movie on Mr. Bean. That is sad news since we won’t be seeing anymore new stuff.

Well, Mr. Bean is on holiday, apparently. He won a trip to Cannes (pronounced as ‘kan’), France but got into lots of trouble on the way there. Before boarding his train, he asks a man to take a video of him going into the train. Haha! I certainly would not like to be that man. Mr. Bean had him to take the video over and over again until it is perfect. But, as luck would have it, that man missed the train and it’s all Mr. Bean’s fault. As usual.

What’s worse is that the man’s son was on board the train. When Mr. Bean realized this, he felt terribly bad. You could see it on his face. He went and sat opposite the boy and tried to cheer him up. Oh, Mr. Bean recycles all his jokes in this movie. Maybe this movie is like a summary of all Mr. Bean jokes.

Incidentally, Mr. Bean tried to help the boy find back his father. When Mr. Bean and the boy were at the next train station, the boy’s father passed by in a train that was not going to stop. The boy’s father was holding up a piece of paper with the word ‘Cannes’ on it and his telephone number. Mr. Bean took a photo of the paper but the boy’s father accidentally covered the last two digits of the telephone number. Here, Mr. Bean wrote out all the possible numbers for the last two digits and he and the boy tried to call every number on his list.

Mr. Bean and the boy got separated somehow. Mr. Bean even meets a beautiful young actress who was kind enough to give him a lift to Cannes. She thought he was Russian and he never bothered to tell her he was English. All he ever says is ‘oui, oui’. (oui = French for yes)

And like all Mr. Bean shows, there is a happy ending. The boy finally meets his parents and Mr. Bean finally gets to go to the beach. Ah, I would love to watch this movie all over again!

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