Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Babysitter? Mama?

Why are babysitters such hits nowadays? Why are they taking care of 5 to 6 kids at one time? Are they planning to run a nursery or kindergarten?

It does not make sense at all. One babysitter in charge of 5 kids! That is totally ridiculous. It’s mad to accept more and more kids when one already has to take care of a few others. Why do they do it? Is it because of the money? Or is it because the parents are desperate for a babysitter and she’s, like, the only left?

Then, why do people have kids when all they are going to do is throw them at the babysitter’s? Some even leave their kids at the babysitter’s day and night. There’s a babysitter in my neighbourhood who has looked after a boy for many years. I think she took him in when he was a toddler and now he’s almost a teenager. He even calls her Ma!

People now are so crazy after money and all those materialistic ways of life that they fail to give care and attention to their kids. Instead, they try to shower their kids with plenty of expensive toys and gifts to make up for themselves.

The kids don’t want toys. They don’t want money either. All they want is their parents. They want their parents’ time and attention. They want to have a strong relationship with their parents. Unfortunately, they seem closer to their babysitters.

Some kids are lucky to have good babysitters who treat them well and look after them properly. However, some unlucky ones are stuck with babysitters from hell.

There’s also another babysitter near my house who must be taking care of a few kids and we can hear her screaming at the kids at the top of her lungs frequently. Then, we’ll hear a kid or two crying pitifully. Once, she even threw a small boy out the back door and the poor fella was crying away!

Parents: Don’t be fooled. In front of you, the babysitter might treat your kid like he’s a prince. When you’re not around, you never know how he’s being treated. When you ask them anything, they’ll only tell you the good things. Only the good babysitters will admit their faults.

If you send your kid to the babysitter, why not pay a surprise visit? This way, the babysitter won’t have time to prepare or clean up whatever mess she got herself into.

Don’t be too fussy though. But, don’t be too lenient too.

Personally, I don’t like the idea of babysitters. I would prefer to take care of my own kid, if I had one. This way, I know my kid would be safe and happy. With his family.


pinksterz said...

babies are still scary to me. haha!

anyway, done with your tag ^^

Miss Positive said...

Haha! Yeah, they are really naughty but look like little angels when sleeping!

Ok, will check it out.

pinksterz said...

btw, how's the result? stpm?

Jen said...

oh man, i've been an FOC babysitter to my 3 younger sisters since i was 10! haha! i'm proud to say, i personally potty-trained them *smug look* haha

Miss Positive said...

pinksterz: The results were okay. I did not fail Chem! Luckily.

jen: Wow! Not bad, potty-training those kids. Haha!