Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pancake House of Horror!

I wanted to write about my pancake-eating experience at the Paddington House of Pancakes in Queensbay Mall yesterday but it slipped my mind somehow. It was a funny and tormented experience and also a totally unforgettable one!

My friend and I had always passed the pancake house each time we were at Queensbay but never ate there. Yesterday, I made up my mind to try how the pancakes were.

So, I ordered pancakes with strawberries, whipped cream, ice cream, almond flakes and chocolate sauce. Maple syrup came with it. For drinks, we both ordered hot chocolate with marshmallows.

The hot chocolate was kind of nice but the marshmallows were tiny! I think I only had around 5 tiny marshmallows in my hot chocolate. And the marshmallows were the best things in our meal.

Back to my pancakes. They looked truly good and delicious and I enjoyed it initially. But after eating halfway, I felt ‘jelak’. Like I couldn’t bear to continue eating. But, with will and determination, I finished it!

My friend ordered a kind of pancake burger. There were fries, a tomato, and some beef wedged between pancakes. Of course there were salad, capsicums, and cheese, too over and under the beef. And don’t expect to find KFC’s or McD’s kind of burger because the beef was not in one piece. It was like fried and tossed around in the kuali.

The verdict: The beef was horrible!

Haha! Or maybe it just didn’t suit our KFC/McD/Pizza Hut taste buds.

I had already finished my pancakes, strawberries, etc but my friend could not bring himself to eat up the beef. So, I helped him. But, we did not manage to wolf down the whole thing. 85% of the total beef served was still there huddled together on the plate.

The total of our ‘meal’ was RM50++. What an expensive experience. Well, now we know where not to eat the next time! I’d also rather have spent the RM50 on normal McD burger and fries plus could have gotten a movie ticket as well.

But, like I said, it was an unforgettable experience.


pinksterz said...

pancakes with strawberries, WHIPPED CREAM, ICE CREAM, almond flakes and CHOCOLATE SAUCE. Maple syrup came with it.

aaah..imagine how much of fats are they miss positive. LOL!

i love pancakes. those at A&W one. and those stalls ones with peanut butter. yummY!

Miss Positive said...

Haha! I only eat those stuff once in a while, not everyday! Haha!

Oh, you mean the Leomag pancakes/waffles?

Well, I like the waffles with chocolate sauce! That's delicious and only RM3. =)