Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gonna Shoot For The Moon

How long was it huh? Since the last time when I felt like the world was going to end? All thanks to one *special* guy!'s not like I'm 100% recovered or something, I'm still in the process of healing and recovering, depression? Post-break-up trauma? Whatever it was, it still is.

My friends advised me to keep myself busy. Fine, I'll try to be busy but it's not enough to get rid of him from my mind AND also from my dreams! Even when we were still dating, I've never dreamt so much about him. And now he decides to appear in my dreams now that we've broken up. Great timing.

I'm trying to convince myself that he's way over me and has already moved on in life with the new girlfriend whom he may have already known only for 2 months now.

However, I have that stinking feeling that I'm waiting for something. What is it? A new guy to dance his way into my life? For him to call me and beg me to take him back? Before this, I keep saying to myself that something good will come out of this. Well, I'm probably waiting for that something *good* to happen. Whatever it is! And that it's better to wait for it patiently. Good things come to those who wait, you know. I'm still trying to believe it myself.

Wow, I wonder how many proverbs and sayings that I've gone through. It's a way to convince myself, that's all.


Dezmond said...

relationships.. relationships... I know how that feels haha.. give it some time to get over it, mother nature's way of emotional healing.. ;)

Miss Positive said...

True, time does heal all wounds. Thanks for reminding me.