Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wake Me Up!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, I really need somebody or a few people to slap me hard and scold me endlessly.

I'm a pathetic pile of crumbs. Even listening to music most of the time doesn't really help. I need to get an iPod or something. When I wake up, before I go to sleep, actually, most of the time, I keep thinking about him. Oh, please, please, please, get out of my damn mind!!!

Anyway, I've been listening to these songs!

1. Dance Inside - The All-American Rejects
2. Runaway - Avril Lavigne
3. The Potential Break Up Song - Aly & AJ
4. Don't Tell Me - Avril Lavigne
5. My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne
6. Freak Out - Avril Lavigne
7. Shut Up - Black Eyed Peas
8. It's My Life - Bon Jovi
9. She's So High - Everclear
10. Too Little Too Late - JoJo
11. Don't Speak - No Doubt
12. Don't Look Back In Anger - Oasis
13. Stop & Stare - One Republic
14. Bounce - Sarah Connor
15. Dare You To Move - Switchfoot
16. Apologize - Timbaland feat. One Republic

Some of these songs are hard, loud, noisy and that's the way I like it now. The noisier, the better. I can blast them right in my ears and block out the whole world as well as reality.

Moving on is tough for me. My friends said I got to get myself together. Why waste time dreaming when he's out there enjoying with his new girl???

Oh my gosh. It is tough. I need to tell my friends to scold me as much as possible. I need to realize that he's so not worth it. Fickle-minded guy.


Kamigoroshi said...

In my own breakup moments, I chanced upon a lot of songs that fit the times. Unfortunately those songs only resolved to fit the mood I was in.

Music is good and all, but what kept me going was actually doing things. It was those moments that I started working on my blog, learning how to code, learning how to design, learning how to solve the rubiks cube.

The more work you occupy your mind with, the less time you have to wallow in your own misery. The plus side is...skills you pick up now are ones you never forget.

Miss Positive said...

Thanks for the advice, kamigoroshi. I do know that keeping myself busy is a good way of forgetting him.

But I don't know what to do. I keep thinking of those 3 years. Sometimes, I feel it's my fault that he's stopped loving me but my friends tell me that he's so not worth it!!!

Argh!!! I've gotta try harder to keep busy.


Kamigoroshi said...

Ah's not about forgetting him. It's about taking your mind away from what you feel.

It's working towards the day when you look back at things and feel nothing that you know you've moved on.