Monday, June 16, 2008

Getting Married At 20?

Are you ready to tie the knot that that age? What if your boyfriend or some guy who’s been in love with you for a long time and he decide to pop the question to you? Or maybe it’s the other way round, that is, the girl herself who asks it first?

You definitely need to consider a few things first before saying ‘Yes! I’ll marry you!’

Money. Yes, money is important. Can your husband-to-be support you later when you tie the knot? What if you were to have children? It’s okay if your future husband is loaded or he’s already stable and has a steady income. But if both of you are still students and there’s no income coming in, then what would you do?

Studies. If one of you is studying, can you juggle marriage and books at the same time? My friend, who’s still in university, is going to get married. I’m curious as to how it’ll be. I’m really happy for her but I’m just curious. Has anyone else done this before?

Your parents. Do they approve of your marrying at such an early age? Now we think that getting married at 20 is way too early but in the olden days, girls got married when they were as young as 16 or younger! However, in modern days, it’s considered quite unusual if you got married too early probably because we don’t want to be tied down to one person too soon. Anyway, if your parents object, then you might need to sit them down and talk with them.

Is he/she The One? This is probably the most important thing that you need to give some thought to. Marriage is for life, if you haven’t realized yet. I was genuinely shocked and basically worried when my ex suggested that we registered. I must have really hurt his feelings by acting all too shocked. Heck, I’m still a student and my family didn’t even know about him. Well, that was the past anyway.

Love…marriage…it seemed so far away when I was younger. Now, we are all grown up. A close of friend of mine is going to get married. She’s the same age as me. We were friends since we were 12. Now she’s going to get married!

We’ve really grown up.


Mun said...

20 years old is way too young.

Life time partner is someone whom we will be with for the rest of life.

But, sometimes, when it comes, it is hard to resist.

Miss Positive said...

Yeah, choosing a partner to be with for life can be hard decision. But then, in the olden days, girls got married when they were only 16, some much younger! And yet, they stayed with their husbands for life. I find that incredible. And usually, their husbands were chosen for them, like they were matchmade.