Monday, June 30, 2008

Movie Review: Over Her Dead Body

Eva Longoria Parker once again takes the role as the self-centred, fussy woman, like in Desperate Housewives! I bought this movie just because she’s in it and I can’t wait to see how it’d be like.

Well, this movie was just okay. There are a few funny bits here and there but I find the storyline a bit odd. Anyway, let me tell you briefly what it’s about. Kate (Eva Longoria Parker) and Henry (Paul Rudd) are about to get married. Kate is shown bossing people around getting ready for the big day. Then, as of her luck, a huge ‘angel’ ice sculpture falls down on her, probably killing her on the spot.

It is then one year later and it looks like Henry isn’t moving on because he probably doesn’t have the heart to go out with another woman. His sister drags him to see a psychic, Ashley (Lake Bell), to try to contact Kate and maybe talk to her. Ashley has her gay best friend, Dan (Jason Biggs), as her assistant but he’s too clumsy to be of any kind of help!

Ashley, seeing how hot Henry is, starts to fall for him and vice versa. Kate, whose soul still isn’t at rest yet, is agitated because she thinks Henry is moving on way too fast. So she tries to break the new lovebirds up even if it’s the last thing she does on Earth.

This is a story about letting go of someone you really love, even though you are already dead. True, it’s hard, but for how long can you really hold on to a person and not move on?


hyperX said...

Yes... I love Eva, she's so sexy. But somehow she became fairer and fairer. Anyway, I managed to watch this movie and I'll give a big 6/10 score for it. The movie is just average but kinda funny for few parts.

Miss Positive said...

Yup, she's pretty all right. Fairer? Hmm, I didn't notice that!