Friday, September 28, 2007

A Day Walking With Nature

This will be a quick post filled with photos! Yeah, my first photo-post,if that's what you call it. By the way, last week, I forgot which day, probably Thursday if I'm not mistaken, I suggested to my friend, 'Why not visit the Kebun Bunga or the famous Botanical Gardens?'

I was fed up with shopping malls where there are only shops to look at and the prices of the stuff in the shops can give me a heart attack. So, we set off to Kebun Bunga. I didn't even know that the Kebun Bunga is the Botanical Gardens. And I'm a Penang person! Shame on me!

Can you spot the squirrel? It's at the top of the picture.

This tree with all its rings looked pretty interesting, so I simply snapped a pic of it.

There were so many monkeys around. I was terrified of them. I heard that monkeys weren't afraid of female humans.

And here is a monkey eating ice-cream. It came near us when it either saw or smelt our ice-creams.

The monkey waiting for more ice-cream. Sorry, we were too hungry we gobbled up our ice-creams as fast as we could.

I could only take photos of monkeys because there weren't any other kinds of animals around. However, I spotted a disgusting, juicy-looking centipede inside the hole of a tree. Nah, wasn't that interested to take a photo of it! Luckily we weren't required to use any worms in our experiments during my Biology days in school. Oh yeah, we cut up rats only but at least it's not worms!

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