Friday, September 21, 2007

Updates on Uni Life and A Fine

I've been in uni for almost ten years now or more. Haha! Well, only about 12 weeks actually, which is more than two months! I have 5 more weeks to exam week and hopefully, holiday begins some time in November.

Like every time before I begin school, usually at the beginning of each year, I have resolutions to study hard and finish all my homework on time. After every test I take, I do the same thing. I make resolutions because I failed to fulfil the previous ones. This has been going on since I was in primary school until now. And I still don't learn!

After completing some test that I didn't really prepare for, I'm like, 'Ah! So difficult. Must study harder later!' Unfortunately, other things take up my time so studies take a back seat.

Today would have been a great day if not for the 'saman' I got from the stupid Pegawai Keselamatan. I've been parking at the same place for more than a month now and before this, other Pegawai Keselamatan said I could park there. First-year students aren't allowed to drive but we can park our cars near the university exits. I've been fined once already, cost me RM20! And today it's another RM20 down the drain.

Arghhhhhh! I was so frustrated just now until I cried. Stupid pegawai keselamatan. So, it's RM40 wasted! You hear me, wasted!!! I hate rushing for the buses because everybody else is rushing, too. We are so uncivilized and we just keep pushing one another until we manage to go up the bus first. Nobody wants to walk. No guy wants to be a gentleman either. Sometimes, it's the guys who push the most!

It sucks not being able to park at my usual spot anymore. It's the best place! Maybe next time, I'll check if there are pegawai keselamatans around. If there are any, I'll certainly 'belah'! I thought after the first fine of 20 bucks I'd try not to get fined again and I followed their Stupid Rules. Some guard said that I could park there!!!!!! Ugh, I'm getting frustrated now all over again. I can't wait to be in my second year where we are allowed to finally drive or ride bikes in campus! Being a first-year sucks!


vhanded said...

Ei, which campus you are now? My campus, MMU is having final exam soon too. I thought you are my friend, which her nickname also chocolate. Nice to express through blog, haha!

-Princess Shin- said...

Oh you poor thing. Samans are terrible things! >.<

Have a nice weekend!

And you haven been tagged!