Thursday, November 1, 2007

So Addicted To eBay

I have a serious problem. A really serious one, I tell you.

I am frightfully addicted to eBay. Oh yeah, that's it. Anyway, I'm guessing that I'm not the only who's like that. I'm pretty sure there are many other people too who are always hanging around the eBay pages. Well, I only hang around the fiction books area spend very little time elsewhere. No, the clothes pages don't attract me now ever since somebody mentioned that the clothes sold there might have once belonged to some dead person! So, it kind of like freaked me out a little.

Another problem I have is I'm addicted to the Internet. Again. Ever since I got my baby laptop, I'm always finding any excuse just to open it and go online! See how weak I am??? And my exams are happening right now! Well, not now but you get what I mean. I'm already done with 2 papers and there are 4 more waiting for me. Arghhhhh! I hate exams now.

Know what I really wish for right now? I want more than 24 hours a day! Haha! Yeah. Call me crazy but that's what I really want now. There's so much you can do and 24 hours is basically so not enough.

Anyway, I've bought so many books!!! I didn't tell my family members how many I've bought. Hah, they'll totally freak out and I'll only get a good scolding. Oh yeah, that's what I usually get when I tell the truth. So, I learnt that it's better to shut my mouth at times.

The thing is, I have no time to read my books. I want to read but I always think that I need to read my course books first. If I start reading story books, I'll never stop. Well, what's the difference now? Even if I'm not reading story books, I'm still not reading my study books. It's just too bad cos I'm frequently online! =)

I know it's a long time since I last updated this blog. Heck, I wonder who's reading it now since those who linked here have linked to another blog of mine. Also, I'm thinking of not continuing my other blog. Not gonna waste too much time maintaining 2 blogs. I'm already happy with this one now.

Okay it's 2.42 am here and I gotta sleep now. And Happy Halloween everybody. Trick or treat???

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