Saturday, August 18, 2007

Satisfying the movie freak in me

Guess what? Students, even university students and senior citizens only need to pay half-priced movie tickets at GSC cinemas. Isn't that just wonderful? I'm not really sure when they started with this marketing plan but it's simply an attraction. I remember last time I only paid RM4.00 for a ticket at GSC cinema and I was in my school uniform then. It was a Wednesday, too and you know on Wednesdays, tickets are cheaper! I forgot what movie it was, though. I only remembered that my friend and I paid 4 bucks each. We were ecstatic!

Recently, I watched The Simpsons and Rush Hour 3. I wanted to write reviews for both movies but sorry, I wasn't in the mood to write about them. I did write a review for the Simpsons movie but it wasn't that good enough. Probably it was so boring until I couldn't think to write more about it.

Rush Hour 3 was okay. Somehow, I prefer Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2. The jokes are still there and Chris Tucker is well, Chris Tucker. With the really high voice and his self-centredness and all.

I wonder what's the next movie that I should watch?

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