Monday, August 20, 2007

How Do They Do It???

You know all those bloggers who seem to update their blogs every single day, no matter what? Then, they still have ideas when writing paid posts? I mean, it's like, WOW! I am really amazed with them.

Sometimes, or most of the time, I'm hit with writer's block. That's the worst time of all. When you are free and have absolutely nothing to do, you feel like blogging. But, when you sit in front of your computer, nothing comes out. Only a little rubbish and of course, you feel that it's not good enough for the whole world to see. Then, you delete it of course, unless you want other bloggers telling you how idiotic you are for writing such mindless things.

Hmm...I wonder what it takes to be a good blogger. What gives the blogger the energy, enthusiasm, and most importantly, inspiration?!!

Perhaps after experiencing an interesting event, they blog about it. Yeah, that's one. And then when they feel angry about some current issue. That's two. Though I feel this will be somewhat dangerous. We bloggers have been, like, given a bad name for simply saying things without proof. Something like that. I don't really keep up with current issues. Not that interested in political stuff.

Hey, I just managed to write a post even though I thought I'd have zero stuff to write about. Not bad, huh? =D


Kavilan said...

nice effort :)
all u need is a opinion about every single shit thats going on in the world, and presto! You've got blogging materials!!!!

Miss Positive said...

Hey, that's an interesting idea you mentioned! We can blog about anything and EVERYTHING! There's no limit to it. Nice.