Sunday, April 15, 2007

No Money = No Fun

I hate being broke. I hate having being penniless. Hmph!

How does it feel having no money and yet you had so many things to buy? That’s how I felt yesterday. Well, not only yesterday but also many days before yesterday.

There’s this book that I want to buy but like I said, I’m broke! I’m afraid the book will be sold out by the time I got my money. Oh, if only I was the richest person in the whole, wide world, then money would be the last thing to worry about. Yeah, that’s only wishful thinking now for me. I think I’ll only be rich 10 years after I’m dead. How I became rich? No idea.

But, I’m lucky today. My mom gave me some money to spend. Hahahaa! I’m not broke now. I have money. There’s not a thing to worry. I can buy my book now.

Tomorrow, I’ll buy my book. Tomorrow, I’ll finish my money. Yes. Amount of money given to me < price of book. (< is less than)

All in all, I’ll be happy once I got the book. I’ve been eyeing that book for so long! Oh please, please, don’t be sold out!!!


Braden said...

May the positive forces of the universe provide you with that book. :)

And btw, thanks backatchya for visiting my site too!

Miss Positive said...

Hi Braden, thanks, I got the book!

Michelle Wun said...

Looks like you love reading very much. Such a good hobby.

Btw, I've tagged u, pls check thru my blog. It's 1st time I tagged u, please 'give face' lah. :D

Miss Positive said...

Hey Michelle, sure, I'll do your tag as soon as I can!

Michelle Wun said...

Hi, very happy to hear from you!
Here is the tag link: