Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Hairstyles Galore!

I need a new hairstyle. As soon as possible. I can't live with my current one any longer!

Well, you must be thinking I have a hairstyle from hell, right? Hahaha! No no! I'm not that unfortunate. I had my last haircut around last month. When I came out of the salon, it looked presentable, at least. But now, if I don't comb it or put some cream, it'll look really unruly.

I've had lots of bad hair days. It was so easy when I had long hair. All I ever need to make it look tidy was to tie it all up in a ponytail. And it was always in a ponytail. I was too lazy to dream up new hairstyles to create for myself. Or it was more like I had better things to do than obsess over my hair.

Lately, I've decided to keep it short. Hey, short is sexy, you know. Hehe... So ladies with short hair, be proud of it, baby. Okay, ladies with long hair, be proud of yourself too! It all depends what your tastes are. We are all different.

Now, this is a style I would not want. Ever! Even the model looks a bit sad because she had to wear the style for a while.

Oooh, there are so many nice ones out there. But how do I tell the hair-dresser what I want? I think I should just bring along a photo of a hairstyle that I like and then show it to her. Yeah, then I can tell her that I want my hair to be something like that. If you can't make it look exactly like it, then it does not matter. As long as my hair is presentable!

Tips, anyone?


Michelle Wun said...

Hi, I am more prefer the 1st hair style. But my 'fat face' will looks more fat with the style. :P

Btw, I started my 1st Tursday Thirteen. Still looking on how to continue weekly for the meme.

Miss Positive said...

Yes, the first one is nice but the second one is nicer too! Haha! I'm sure you can find your desired hairstyle too.

Oh, then I'll see your Thursday Thirteen. Just visit other blogs with Thursday Thirteens and leave comments. That's how it works.