Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Just saying hi

My poor nephew is not well and he's here for a while. But, not to worry because he's still as naughty and mischievous as before! I love to see him walking and sometimes, running a little, though his little aren't that steady for running yet. Ah, babies are so cute!

Oh yeah, been having some stomach aches too. Ah, I hate having stomach aches! Horrible! Abominable! Simply unacceptable! It's gone anyway. =)

Well, just dropped by to post an entry otherwise you might think this blog is dead or what. And I do hope that I am accepted in USM later. Please, please, please let me go to USM. My guy will be in TAR and I want to be in Penang, too! It wouldn't be fun to be too far from him. I just got to pray and pray very hard.

Studying at USM should be fun, I think. I've been waiting for like, forever, to enter university and since my sis went to USM, I made up my mind to go there too. I just hope that I do get into any university. I'd be really lucky then.

Okay, I better take a nap before the small fella wakes up and bullies me. Bye!

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