Thursday, January 10, 2008

Anonymous Donor

If you had opened the Yahoo main page today, you may have read this piece of news. Very, very interesting!

Japan police receive 400th secret pledge to poor after 33 years

Who do you think the donor could be? Why has he/she been donating money for 33 years??? The donor must be very rich or maybe the donor just felt that it's the right thing to do to donate money for the needy. It's very mysterious.

However, isn't it better to donate money quietly and not put on a big show? Well, some people like to donate without telling the whole world while some had to share the big news that they are doing something good. Whatever it is, the act of donating had better come right from the heart. No use donating grudgingly. So not cool.

When was the last time that you had donated anything for anything? Was it the 20 cents coin you dropped in a tin on Flag Day? I know that some of you may be wary that your money might not reach the needy but instead end up in some undeserving person's pocket. Truth is, we'll never know.


heiresschild said...

i agree that it's really nice to quietly give. i constantly pray for wisdom as to how to give and to whom. i want to be a good steward over not just my finances, but everything i have.

Miss Positive said...

heiresschild: Like what we always hear, it's better to give than to receive. Though sometimes it's kind of hard to give all the time!