Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Movie Review: The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

I went to watch The Mummy 3 a few days ago. Quite a number of people have been talking about it so I might as well watch it myself! I’m not really a fan of The Mummy movies but this Mummy 3 movie was really good and hilarious. The hilarious parts would include John Hannah’s scenes in the movie.

The Evelyn character is played by a different actress too, Maria Bello. The original actress, Rachel Weisz rejected the movie because she had problems with the script, I think. Well, what a waste. Anyway, the new actress is not that bad.

Of course, there’s Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh but their roles are minimal ones. You won’t see much of kung fu stunts from Jet Li. Michelle Yeoh had more stunts than him.

So the story’s about the Terracotta army and the evil Dragon Emperor who wants to marry Zi Yuan (Michelle Yeoh) but her heart belonged to another guy, General Ming. Well, she managed to curse the Emperor and his army before going on to live an immortal life.

About 2000 years later, Rick O’Connell’s son, Alex (Luke Ford), all grown up and following in his father’s footsteps, discovered the Terracotta army. His father thinks he’s a good-for-nothing kid while his mother is quite over-protective over him. I thought Alex an arrogant and cocky kind of guy.

Besides that, a General Yang is set on bringing back the Emperor to life to continue leading his army to conquer everything in sight. When he managed to bring the Emperor to life, he pledged loyalty towards the emperor.

Oh, I almost forgot about another new character, Lin (Isabella Leong). She is Zi Yuan and General Ming’s daughter. She is ready to stop anyone who tries to bring the emperor back to life. Alex falls for her but she tells him that they can’t be together. Ah, the usual drama!

That was a great Mummy experience for me although no mummies are involved now, only an evil emperor in the form of Jet Li.

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