Monday, February 4, 2008

Lifehouse Is Back!

Hmmm....I wonder if their latest album, Who We Are, are in local music stores or not! No, I'm not planning to buy the pirated version. I am going to go original! Yeah! Lifehouse is a great band, in my opinion. One of the best rock bands around. Well, they are more pop rock actually. And Jason Wade is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous! I sound like a teeny-bopper now, don't I? Haha! Please raise your hands and scream 'Lifehouse rocks' if you agree with me on how good-looking Wade is.

Okay, I've only downloaded their songs from the Internet and I love 'Broken'. I love the tune, especially the chorus part. And I am already familiar with 'First Time'. That's a catchy song. It sounds almost pop! I'd prefer if their songs were more like 'Hanging By A Moment', but you can't have too many songs that sound almost the same right? It would be awfully boring!

The next song that I've heard from this album is 'Whatever It Takes'. It's an okay song for me...I still prefer 'Broken'. Well, it's sad that I've only heard 3 songs from their latest album. 3 songs??? And I call myself a fan? Pathetic!


-Princess Shin- said...

I'm so out of the music scene right now its pathetic! Thanks for sharing though! =)

Miss Positive said...

Don't worry! The music scene doesn't change that fast!